Record. Stream. Monetize.
All in the cloud.

Next Gen
Video Tools

Film HD multi-cam livestreams and videos with your laptop and camera phones

Capture 1080p footage from 1-4 camera phones

Patented live switcher and broadcast platform runs on your laptop

Record or livestream from anywhere with good WIFI (15 Mbps)

Footage instantly available in the cloud to download and edit

Film with the gear you already own

Fast, simple, and so easy anyone can use it

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Monetize your videos with your own streaming service & apps

Custom media hub for your video content – all you need is your laptop

Create a streaming service, build video apps, or power your website

Offer subscription, PPV, or freemium access and keep your revenue

Easily upload your content and control your data

Build a fully branded streaming environment

Reach viewers on smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, your website

Ready to build your own streaming service & apps?

About Otter Network

We're a band of award-winning production experts, content creators, and technology professionals working together to create cloud-based video production, monetization, and distribution tools. Our mission is to put creators back in control of their own content, revenue, data, and business model.

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